Many Christians ask “why am I suffering yet I am saved?” The truth is If we get saved and stop there our life cannot change. Salvation is not Christianity, salvation is the beginning of Christianity, it is like the birth of a child. If a child is born and abandoned they will never grow. Being born is just the beginning of life. There is a lot about life that the child needs to learn – going to school, playing, feeding correctly, being disciplined and taught what is right and what is wrong etc. Similarly, salvation is being born into God’s family. There is alot to learn and the methodology Christ gave us is called Discipleship. AFTER SALVATION, DISCIPLESHIP IS YOUR NEXT ESSENTIAL STEP. (not optional or for some few people). If you ignore Discipleship, you can be saved for 10 years and wonder if salvation is true because you don’t see a change in your life. Someone might say “but I attend church every Sunday.” No. Attending Sunday Service is important but that is not Discipleship. Discipleship is like spiritual school. Have you ever seen a school where fourth years and first years are put in the same class? No. A Sunday Service has everyone, saved, unsaved, adults, youths etc. You can’t do school with such a crowd. So Sunday Service is not Discipleship. Sunday Service is important but it’s mostly a celebration and worship service. To grow in your Christian life, You must be enrolled for an intentional Discipleship Class. Many Christians want to serve God but they feel a limitation they cannot explain. Its because they have never been systematically discipled so they have picked one truth from here another truth from there but are not grounded. This year, if you want your life to change, prioritize Dicsipleship. We are registering for our Classes starting February. A class takes maximum of 2 hours a week. We will several venues as well as online classes based on Registrations. Classes are absolutely FREE. To register, Please inbox me on 0786765007.


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